Nikeem Pearson 
Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer

Nikeem Pearson is a graduate of the Florida State University, holding a bachelors in Studios Arts. He is a director, cinematographer, writer, producer, photographer and actor who career started freshman year in college, when his sister purchased him a pocket camera for Christmas. That's when he discovered he had a passion for photography, which ultimately led him to the path of filmmaking and acting. His acting career debuted in the summer of 2013 in the stage play Dearly Departed in Tallahassee, Florida. Debuting in his first lead role three stage plays later, starring as Emmett Till in the stage play Anne & Emmett in February 2014. His directing, writing and producing credits came when he created his first web series Runners, released in 2014 through the media platform YouTube reaching close to 8,000 views on its debut. Since that time Pearson has gone on to work mostly behind the camera, directing, writing and producing indie projects with other independent filmmakers, while still entertaining people through his stage performances.  His latest directorial project is the short film "All The Way Single" set for release February 2018.

Tasha Negula  
Executive Assistant 

Tasha Negula is a graduate of Florida International University, holding a bachelors in Theater Performance, studying the methods of Stanislavski, Meiser acting technique and the Chekhov technique. Over the years she has made contributions as an Associate Producer, 1st Assistant Director & Production Assistant to indie productions such as “Runaway”, “G.I.A”, “The Willow”, “Sickened”, “Counter Intelligence” and her latest project as the 1st Assistant Director "All The Way Single" set for release February 2018.

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